History of software performance testing

In software quality assurance, performance testing is in general a testing practice performed to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. The purpose of performance testing is not to find functional defects but to eliminate performance bottlenecks in the software or device. Approaches to software performance testing are discussed. A case study describing the experience of using these approaches for testing the performance of a system used as a gateway in a large. Developers have been testing software since they first started building software following world war ii. And quality assurance as a whole has a history that stretches back much further than that, of course. There are six major types of software performance testing which include load, stress, soak, spike, configuration, and isolation tests. There are basically four kinds of performance testing.

Performance testing checks the speed, response time, reliability, resource usage, scalability of a software program under their expected workload. The separation of debugging from testing was initially introduced by glenford j. Performance testing is a type of software testing that intends to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a certain load. Load testing is a type of performance testing conducted to evaluate the behavior of a system at increasing workload. Load testing is used to study the behavior of the application under specified loads. Performance testing is a form of software testing that focuses on how a system running the system performs under a particular load.

The ultimate guide to performance testing and software. Test techniques include the process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs, and verifying that the software product is fit for use. It can also serve to investigate, measure, validate or verify other quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability and resource usage. From 1988 on it was seen as prevention oriented period where tests were to demonstrate that software satisfies its specification, to detect faults and to prevent faults. In the early days of software development, debugging was the primary form of software test. It was primarily performed by the programmer who wrote the code and the object was to get the application. Software testing can also provide an objective, independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation. This is not about finding software bugs or defects. It also shows how an application will function when the majority of its users are logged in. Software testing is process of evaluation a software to detect differences between actual output and expected output. To determine the performance specifications and document them in the test plan. Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the software product or service under test. Performance testing measures according to benchmarks and standards. Until the 1980s, the term software tester was used generally, but later came to be seen as a separate profession.

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