Jpoint red dot manual pdf

Jp enterprises jpoint circle dot microelectronic reflex. John paul discusses the myriad options for mounting and using a jpoint micro dot sight. This one also comes with an adapter that for sale by vintage sporting on gunsamerica 967564254. Our pdf listing allows you to download and view only what you need. The dot should be centered on the post and the top of the post should split the dot horizontally.

This manual will help you optimize your viewing experience by explaining how to utilize the sights features and how to care. The jp enterprises jpoint circle dot microelectronic reflex sight is the perfect optic if youre looking to boost your target acquisition speed and accuracy in the field. Accessible wiring chamber provides a convenient location to pull. Still made by the original manufacturer but now called jpoint. Even in bright desert sunlight on white steel, the dot intensity is bright enough to be easily visible. No cowitness 1 turn the sight on and adjust the brightness to suit the lighting condition. The jpoint features a more intense dot and improved reliability when compared to similar sights. Jp enterprises jpoint 4 moa dot sight is a minute of angle dot sight with micro electronic technology.

Jpoint is the genuine worlds smallest red dot sight, battle proven in afghanistan and iraq. Mini red dot sight mrds holographic weapon sight eotech. Read this manual first, as the jpoint can be damaged by improper use or adjustment. The mini red dot sight mrds holographic weapon sight from eotech was built to rugged military specs to aid rapid target acquisition at close combat distances.

Truglo trutec micro red dot sight open reflex optic for rifles, shotguns and pistols. Even in high desert bright sunlight on white steel, the dot intensity on this red dot sight is bright enough so that its always easy to find. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure youre on a federal government site. Mogul pulling elbowservice entrance bodies applications. Because we have biased the sight for bright outdoor use, some flaring of the dot in lowlight situations such as indoor ranges is unavoidable. Jp enterprises red dot sights jpoint 4 moa dot sight. Jpoint red dot sights the original worlds smallest red. Raintight junction for bringing electrical service into a location. The jpoint 4 moa reflex sight from jp enterprises is lightweight and will fit on your pistol, rifle or shotgun. Tg8020, tg8030 or tg8040 instruction sheet scope instruction sheet tg8365b instruction sheet. It shouldnt really happen but it was just a tad worrisome reading in the manual. Once you have it set though, you shouldnt have to mess with it much. These red dot sights developed by jp enterprises are housed in a glassreinforced nylon polymer body thats rugged enough to handle any mission while sporting the lightest weight in its class. Jpoint evolved out of the original tasco optima and firesight red dot designs.

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