Tftp cisco download config

This document was written using output from the cisco tftp server application. Use tftp to backup your cisco router configurations petri. Before you proceed with this method, make sure you have a tftp server on the network to which you have ip connectivity. Cisco has discontinued this application and no longer supports it. Use a tftp server to backup and restore a configuration. Download or back up configuration files on an sx300 or. Log in go to enable mode issue a copy runningconfig tftp command supply the ip address of the tftp server give the backup file a name. At the router prompt, issue the enable command, and. Copy the configuration file to the appropriate tftp directory on the workstation. Hi, i was asked today to download backup config of a cisco 2950 switch. I have never done this before, how do i do this if it is possible. Hello, just in case you need to download the current list.

Moreover, you can even use it to hold configuration files for noncisco equipment. You can use your routers flash to store configuration files and make them available for download via tftp as well. You can transfer your config to a tftp server via copy flash. What is the commands to copy a router config to a tftp server. The cisco tftp configuration window displays the parameters configured for this service. Select turn windows features on or off at left panel. Upload the configuration files to the cisco routerswitch through tftp. This is a stepbystep approach to copy a configuration from a router to a tftp server, and back to another router. A tftp server is a necessary tool that every administrator should use to periodically back up their cisco router and switch configuration files and ios files. Cisco wireless controller configuration guide, release 8.

Download cisco startup running config files, backup cisco router. Specify the ip address of the tftp or ftp server by entering this command. The server list on the left side of the window designate servers that have already been configured with tftp service. You can also schedule to take a backup of the config files from the device at the specified interval.

You can do this by dragging the cursor from before the first character to after the last character in the file while holding down the left mouse button. Step 2 from the server dropdown list box, choose a server on which to insert cisco tftp service and click insert. Fetch the phone configuration file from tftp using tftp i tftp get. Specify the transfer mode used to download the config file by entering this command. Via tftp the trivial file transfer protocol tftp method is chosen to download or back up configuration file via tftp. If you do not have a tftp server, obtain any thirdparty tftp server application from another source. You should now have successfully downloaded the configuration file into the switch through the cli. Youc an also copy the configuration to a tftp ftp server if you have one by entering the following command. Log into the access point through a telnet session. Hi, i was asked today to downloadbackup config of a cisco 2950 switch. You can also increase the security of the routers tftp server by using an accesslist like this. Download the controller login banner by entering this command. Cisco backup config cisco switch configuration file. Using tftp on a pc to download wan switch software.

Download the configuration file from the tftp server to configure the access point. Automatic backup of configuration using the kron method. Advanced configuration backup to reduce network downtime. In order to keep all images that all phones currently have you need to download the list. This video will show you how to backup your cisco configuration to your computer using a tftp server.

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