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In some categories, we do recommend the same disc for both forehand and backhand players, particularly in lower speed classes. The first image, from a video found on the vul website, captures the moment right before release. One really great thing about the sidearm drive is you never have to take your eyes off the target. Used this in a tournament recently and birdied two holes with it. Driving with a putter gave me greater control over my drives. For a righthanded forehand shot, the disc flight arcs to the left until it eventually fades back to the right.

Step out with your feet slightly more than shoulderwidth apart and your knees slightly bent, so that most of your weight is on your throwing foot. Patricks classic champ, 20 end of the trail classic champ team champion innova disc golf. Secure your grip with your thumb on the top of the disc, near where your pointer finger knuckle is on the underside. Innova flight characteristics and ratings system discs. However you throw this disc forehand, backhand, chicken wingit bombs. And if you want to be a great player, you have to do them. I was curious if there is any consensus best form for throwing power forehands or forehand drives in general. Less contact with the disc leads to less finger drag and a greater potential for higher speed rotation. Innova team star member nate sexton forehand is 60 percent of his game focus on wrist speed, and practice throwing hyzers with understable discs at first. A good disc golf sidearm throwing technique should have all of the following. Nov 12, 2016 the best forehand sidearm disc golf discs posted on november 12, 2016 march 19, 2018 by bart bird site manager while righthand forehand rhfh and lefthand backhand lfbh are closely associated due to their similar flight patterns, they are not the same throw and require completely different discs for optimal performance. If progress is slow some bad habits can be tolerated if they lead to immediate results. Black does have its difficulties such as finding in the brush if you dont drive straight. Figuring out which discs are appropriate for which scenarios can be a intimidating task, especially if you havent played before.

Forehand throwing disc suggestions rippit disc golf. The other two fingers can simply rest on the edge of the disc or be tucked underneath whichever feels more natural. Ivan katz tests 24 discs to see which one flies the straightest and the farthest. The best deals plus free shipping on our great selection of disc golf discs. Nov 03, 2014 in this disc golf clinic one of the best sidearm throwers in the world, ricky wysocki, demonstrates tips he uses to get more distance and accuracy out of forehandsidearm throws. If you like discs with thick wing length, youll love the distance you can get from the nuke ss. The disc golf throwing technique that goes by the names sidearm, forehand, flick and twofinger is the primary or only driving method for some players, a useful tool for others, and an enigma for many. Personally i fall into the second group, and before that spent many years with zero confidence in my sidearm shot. Professional disc golfer chris hysell discraft disc golf. If you want to learn to play disc golf get a buzzz or truth. Axiom discs proton insanity disc golf driver 160165g colors may vary. It worked really well for about a week and a half of heavy use 18 to 45 holes a day.

So if your drive isnt down the middle it can take a good impact from trees. The most important thing is that the learning experience be fun. I use to disc golf all the time and now im just getting back into it. You complete a roller shot by throwing the disc with an extreme anhyzer angle, usually with an understable disc and allowing the disc to turn over and roll on its side down the course. It will feel similar to discrafts predator, but holds a more sweeping fade line on a longer glide. When throwing my putter off the tee, the disc seemed like it had less of a chance to skip. The discraft z drone is an extremely overstable mid range driver 2.

Nov 14, 20 phong forehand mechanics that arent taught. Sign up below to be the first to hear when this page is published. The anax was designed by fivetime pdga world champion paul mcbeth to be a reliable overstable driver. Today innova manufactures golf discs for every situation from the tee to the green on wideopen courses or narrow wooded fairways. There are very few books on disc golf out there, but there are plenty of books for disc golf, if you just know how to look at them.

In my opinion a one or two finger grip, all be it harder to control, will always generate longer shots when performed correctly. Jul 19, 2017 heres our guide to the best discs for throwing forehand also known as a sidearm and a flick. The majority of new players who are learning forehand shots need them to get out of trouble. I bought my first innova disc around 10 years ago and have purchased many more over the years. Dec 27, 2018 june 12, 2017 by frisbeebrain, posted in disc golf, disc golf book, disc golf instruction, disc vs. But what makes the world record holding discs so special, and can they help you improve your game in this analysis well detail each of the current world record holding discs, explain what features allow them to perform at such a high level, and help define whether. I also recommend throwing slowfinicky discs like putters and mids on short 60125 flicks to make sure they go dead straight or hold a. The forehand is a versatile throw, and can be adapted to many different situations. Innova champion discs mamba golf disc colors may vary. But, we remember what it was like in the beginning. Books that will improve your disc golf game mind body disc. I throw forehand, so with a good deal of torque, i can get it to flex to the left. Innova champion discs dx destroyer golf disc colors may vary.

The final part of the fourpart series on the forehand discusses best practices based on video analysis. I drive strictly forehand and have found success in discs like orcs. I used the original concept of the power grip when i first started disc golf and hit a cap on my distance at 350ft. Jul 09, 2015 kyle weisbrod breaks down the mechanics of a huge range of throwers to identify best practices for the forehand. They are efficient, productive, practical, and most of the time, monotonous and boring. Ricky wysocki, from team prodigy disc golf, teaches how to prefect your sidearm forehand flick throwing technique during a free clinic presented by infinite discs. If you want to add some style, you can get this disc. Not knowing which disc was best for a particular throwheck, just learning all the throws was a challenge. Players complete a hole by throwing a disc from a tee area toward a target, throwing again from the landing position of the disc until the target is. Thats ideal for longer drives and avoiding obstacles on the left side. In disc golf, insideout throws are referred to as hyzer throws and outsidein throws are. In order to play the game right, you need the best disc golf discs.

Here are my picks for the best disc golf distance drives for your sidearm. May 12, 2015 below are two images from a resource the vancouver ultimate league vul created for throwing a forehand. I would like to share a few thoughts about one of the least talked about topics in disc golf. Best forehand distance driver for beginnersintermediate players for the last few months kirk and i have been testing out different disc golf drivers for the sole purpose of finding which one we can get the most distance with from our forehand drives.

I can out drive all my seasoned friends with a forehand using this disc. Official flying disc world records world flying disc federation. Forehand was my strongest throw so im wondering what the best discs for that would be. A used disc could be launched into the woods countless times and survive tree hits, dogs playing tugofwar, dogs chewing the discs etc. Weve also included tips from our experts on how to elevate your forehand game. Disc golf tip for increasing your backhand and forehand. Tips for improving your disc golf backhand shot all things. Currently my goto rhfh driver is a star destroyer 172g, which im throwing about 300 320 ft. For a righthanded forehand throw rhfh, the disc will naturally fall to the right. The first type of throwing straight is probably what you assume it is. Ball, frisbee golf, jack tupp, play discgolf if youre like me, the desire to sell the sport of disc golf to anyone who crosses your path comes as naturally as breathing, blinking, and throwing a hyzer.

Advanced disc golf grips avery jenkins disc golf world. Could you discuss the science behind the angle between the disc and forearm please. Intermediate disc golfers who are looking for a longer drive will also enjoy this disc. Flight ratings each of innovas disc golf discs has a distinct personality the flight characteristics that make the golf disc unique. On the one hand, theres the conversation in the thread already. The reality however is that as most have already said beginners who throw forehand typically favor high speed overstable drivers because they will hideovercome form flaws off axis torque disc fluttering as it leaves your hand. Do you do interviews for writers like me who are trying to further promote the sport of disc golf. If you fall into this camp, developing a forehand drive can still be usual. Disc golf players in windier places love it like no other for its ability to fight headwinds and not turn over. July 9, 2015 by kyle weisbrod in analysis with 18 comments.

Ho johnny and rob, thanks for the extreme detailed about the forehand mechanics. I believe that they are some of the most underutilized tools in the average players repertoire. Disc golf side arm driving technique clinic by ricky wysocki. Precision disc golf improving your approach in disc golf. It wasnt until a fellow disc golfer gave me the advice to disc down, that i tried my putter off the tee. May 21, 2012 disc golf is still enough of a niche sport that by the time most of us are ensnared like a putter caught in the inner chains of a mach iii by an obsession to get better, weve already been heavil. But not all of us are conformable flicking our discs.

Disc golf discs used to set world records are clearly discs that are capable of delivering the highest levels of performance. How to choose the right disc golf driver weight duration. Discraft has given the crank a stability rating of 1. The firebird makes a great forehand driver and can easily handle headwinds. It is also an excellent disc to learn how to throw forehand as well as working on your power back hand rips. Similar to a frisbee, but each disc model has different flight characteristics and is designed to fly farther. Tips to improving your sidearm disc golf shot all things. As a player who is starting to develop his forehand game, i have read very conflicting information about whether forehand players benefit disproportionately from using overstable vs. The 50 best disc golf drills to change your game forever.

It can be both incredibly frustrating and excitingsometimes simultaneously. Disc golf forehand hyzeranhyzer understableoverstable. They have a disc for every shot in these lines of plastic. Disc golf the basics disc golf is played much like traditional golf. To learn more about the differences between backhand and forehand disc selection, see our complete video guide here. Building the perfect bag disc golf companies are not your friends mind body disc building the perfect bag, ultimate guides march 17, 2016. Aug 07, 2006 pro disc golfers teach you how to throw a forehand drive. I regularly throw forehand, and got this disc primarily for a course close to my house peters creek, alaska.

Ep 3 sidearm instructional disc golf video duration. The best discs for throwing forehand frisbeegolf news. Oct 28, 2018 when i started playing disc golf, i didnt realize you could do anything but putt with putter discs. Forehand roller, instruction, roller, technique, tuesday tips. When i retired a disc from playing golf, they became my dogs favorite toys and were indestructible. The best disc golf distance drivers for your sidearm. Instead of a ball and clubs, however, players use a flying disc. Flying discs including frisbees can be thrown in many ways. Many disc golfers find it easier to get distance out of flick throws when they begin playing disc golf, but few disc golfers get a full reach back on their. Sep 06, 2017 disc golf tip for increasing your backhand and forehand driving distance by 2030 feet. The top discs online at up to 30% off best disc golf discs.

Well the real answer is every disc has its uses as a forehand disc. Whats the difference between a hyzer and an anhyzer. This discraft disc golf clinic is part the worlds largest. The most important thing that i learned from this book is that you do not throw a disc golf disc like you throw a frisbee. A closer look at the components of the games most essential throw. The best disc golf distance drivers for your sidearm disc. Golf books, disc golf courses, golf videos, go outdoors, book jacket, my.

And i throw forehand, so its hard to get a disc to go straight anytime. Mar 28, 2017 a closer look at the components of the games most essential throw. Maxglide forehand and backhand distance drivers best. For a righthanded forehand shot, the disc flight arcs to the right, which is useful for traveling around obstacles on your right side. We like to use our backhand drive more often than not.

History was made when innova founder, dave dunipace, invented the first true disc golf disc in 1983. While it might come natural to some and be a labor of love for others, there are some things every disc golfer. It can help you get out of some sticky situations on the course. Maxglide forehand and backhand distance drivers best disc.

This video, while aimed at ultimate players, is still highly relevant to disc golf forehand throwing. Feel the inner rim on the underside of the disc with the side of your middle finger. Buy products related to disc golf distance driver products and see what customers say about. The other two fingers can simply rest on the edge of the disc or be tucked underneath. Many times this is the case because of level of courses available, the seeming impact on scores, and if there is a least flashy part of disc golf it is the. The nuke ss can be purchased in the highly durable zline, or premium titanium plastics. The best forehand sidearm disc golf discs posted on november 12, 2016 march 19, 2018 by bart bird site manager while righthand forehand rhfh and lefthand backhand lfbh are closely associated due to their similar flight patterns, they are not the same throw and require completely different discs for optimal performance. Disc golf is a game of skill, patience, and precision. So today, were going to be talking about 50 of the best disc golf drills in the game right now. Fortunately discraft released the zone and not only is it a good disc for short range forehand shots but i have found it to be a great training aid. To throw a frisbee forehand, grip the disc between your thumb, index, and middle fingers, so that your index finger and thumb are straight and your middle finger is folded toward your palm. Sep 12, 2018 you line up your shot, take your hop step, flick your wrist and just watch your disc fly.

In these cases, the discs perform equally well for both player types. The discraft flash is one of the best drivers for intermediate players, and flys well when thrown either forehand or backhand. I have always been a very good frisbee player but found that i was having lots of trouble throwing a disc golf disc straight and level or to even get any distance from them. Disc golf side arm driving technique by ricky wysocki. These are all essential in executing a very demanding throwing motion that requires excellent acceleration and timing to produce successful results. The discraft crank is described as a cross between the nuke and the nuke ss. For good reason, all three of the farthest recorded disc golf throws of all time have been made with lightweight boss discs under 160 grams. Youll find recommendations for advanced players as well as beginners. What are some of the best forehand discs at the moment.

I highly recommend viewing it if you are a beginning or intermediate player. I am pretty new to disc golf but i played a lot of ultimate and was a baseball player. While still being new to disc golf, i have learned a lot and improved immensely since using this disc. Shop online today for the top discs at the cheapest prices. These flight characteristics describe a disc s speed, glide, high speed turn, and low speed fade. This article is intended for experienced players teaching beginners how to throw their first forehand sidearm throws. It shouldnt matter if youre throwing forehand or backhand how a disc will fly, its all the same to the disc. Learn about different forehand grips, styles, shot options and disc selection. The backhand throw is the most popular throwing style in disc golf, one that allows you to gain the most distance while throwing with the least effort. Your disc golf journey starts here we live disc golf our obsession began in 1983 and hasnt let up since.

March 28, 2017 by matthew norton in instruction with 5 comments. Justin trails resort offers two champion courses and is a gorgeous venue for rustic, country weddings or just playing the plete with real live llamas. According to the professional disc golf association, the object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest number of throws of the disc. Disc golf is a flying disc sport in which players throw a disc at a target. Unfortunately after a couple of hard hits it doesnt have the same flight path it. How to throw straight in disc golf precision disc golf. The second is a picture from the same website page that is intended to simulate the body position and disc at the moment of release. Disc golf drills are the foundation of a great disc golfer. Disc golf tip for increasing your backhand and forehand driving distance by 2030 feet. The best discs for throwing forehand innova disc golf. Disc golf side arm driving technique by ricky wysocki november 3, 2014 infinite discs in this disc golf clinic one of the best sidearm throwers in the world, ricky wysocki, demonstrates tips he uses to get more distance and accuracy out of forehand sidearm throws.

The bolt is one of the easiest high speed drivers to throw. I say this because one of the most interesting statistics measure in the disc golf pro tour event weekend was the udisc scramble rate correlation to success. A roller shot is a disc golf throwing technique where the disc rolls along the ground rather than flying through the air. Overhand disc golf throws i believe that they are some of the most underutilized tools in the average players repertoire. Throw this disc at a slight anhyzer angle, watch it recover, and be amazed at how far it will fly. The firebird is the first very overstable disc that developing disc golfers should get. It is a great disc for both backhand and forehand throws. Eric oakley disc golf sidearm throw youtube disc golf, oakley, baseball cards. This disc will provide a massive fading hook, but its not so fast that it cant be controlled by less powerful players.

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